People from Belgrade like Belgrade. People from countryside like Belgrade. European and international tourists also like Belgrade, because Belgrade is a city with more wonders than any country worldwide. Wonders of Belgrade lie in the uniqueness of the people, as well as in the beautiful river, and the only place among the wonders of our city, a place where people come to change the concept of their life is a place located right at confluence of Sava and Danube – Shake’n’Shake.


In addition of endless lines of river clubs that adorns coast of Belgrade, it’s not a coincidence that we have prepared this concept carefully and for a long time, because Shake’n’Shake represents first official wave of so called – new age clubbing.


What is trending worldwide, Belgrade has is it in only one special place. For all of those who want to experience the beauty of global trends and satisfy hedonistic urges in completely different way, our concept provides you all day treatman. Our daytime bar in Oriental style placed on the river is visually adjusted to scene of exotic places from touristique catalogues and fulfills different desires. We especially paid attention to our daily themed parties, dedicated to metropolis worldwide, but we also gave you an opportunity to experience your own summer dream.


Our Super Shake Team is trained that in a very short time organizes every aspect of your idea and arrange an event for you that will take you far away in the middle of the day. New age clubbing is not the same anymore. As desires and demands of guests worldwide are growing every day, a new concept is proved to be a trendsetter who won global imagination.


Besides daily parties and stag parties, this paradise on the water can easily be transformed into a quiet place for reading a book, office in nature or intimate corner for two.


You can design everything by yourself, order up or just to start changing the concept of your own lifestyle. At Shake, not only that you are enjoying with your friends, but you are also starting to change your personal habits and enriching your own life.


For all lovers of most delicious cocktails will follow a big surprise and for all of those who are preparing for a night on the river will be able to swear that they were in Ibiza, instead of Belgrade.


Incredible power of visual transformation, coctel energy and special pleasures for your palate will make you to change your opinion about clubbing in our city once and for all.


So, order your daily party, make your own concept in our space, contact us and tell us how you want to spend a day and be a part of Belgrade’s night that everyone is talking about.


Just shake up your life!